Saving Tips

Saving for anything from that little toy that first car and college is easy over an amount for time. Don’t spend every dime that is left over on those little things like buying a nice breakfast from the drive through very morning. Having a spare jar or cup (much like a piggy bank) to put the spare money in is a great way to watch the money that is saved and motivates people to save more and more and it helps them see that it does work.

There is also the “one month rule”. If one wants something that is not a mandatory buy, wait thirty days and ask if that thing is still wanted and alot of the time, its not really wanted at the end of that month. This way money has been saved by just simply waiting, instead of just spontaneously going out and buying something and finding that it’s not any use later.

Another useful tip is to not take money everywhere you go. If the money is with someone, it makes it easier to spend. If you feel like you need a little “emergency cash” keep only a small amount in the wallet or purse that is taken with you.

Taking public transportation is another great way to save. That way the car doesn’t suck up gas, and the gas prices now aren’t that low, so really quite a bit of money is saved by taking the public transportation. Let the kids ride the bus to school insteadof going twenty miles out of the way to drop them off at school, and if it’s available take the bus to work. Carpooling with friends and co-workers is another way to save on the gas money.

There are many ways to save money for the more important things in life. Even if it seems as simple as letting the kids take the bus to school, it can really go a long way.