How To Make Piggy Banks

Every kid loves to be able to have a piggy bank that they can keep in their room. This is what they will use to keep spare change and allowance or birthday money. You can purchase cute piggy banks at a store or you can create one. It doesn’t cost much to design and build a piggy bank.

Take a half gallon milk carton and fill it up with hot water and two tablespoons of dish soap. Shake the carton and leave it sitting on the counter overnight. Pour the water out and allow it a few hours to dry. Make sure to let it dry with the cap off and the caron upside down.

Select an acrylic paint color that your child will love and paint the whole color this one color. Allow it to dry overnight. It is easier to use the darker colors and to apply two coats of it. That way the design will not show through.

When it is dry you will use a ruler and mark an inch on the top of the carton. Use scissors to cut an inch slit into the opening.

Now create symbols of names, numbers, or drawings all over with a paint pen of another color. You can be creative and use more than one color. Let your child do this portion so it can be unique to them. For more fun you can pour glitter over the sides of it.

You should let the bank dry overnight. When you are sure that it is finished and dry than you can find a place for it in the child’s room and start putting coins in it.