Fun Ways to Make a Children’s Bank

A children’s bank is a great effective way to teach children the value of money. Even though there is the option to buy a children’s bank from the store, its alot of fun to help children make them, and it makes them even more proud of themselves as they save up that small change for a rainy day. There are many fun and creative ways to make a children’s bank.

One way to make a bank is to take a old shoebox, pickle jar, or the like and decorate it. There are many things that can be done to decorate, paper is the best. They can draw pictures or cut out shapes and then they can be glued to the small bank. Glitter is a fun way to sparkle it up. When its done being decorated, put a small hole through the top or lid. Explain to them as they are making the designs that a children’s bank is a place where they can save up their money and add to it until they have saved up enough to get that prize that they have been  wanting. It’s a great motivation to them.

Another crafty way to make a children’s bank fun is to visit a craft store. There are usually little paint-it-yourself children’s banks of all kinds of different animals and objects, the paint and paintbrush usually are included in the kit. Take it home and let them paint it. Have plenty of newspaper under the craft because there will more than likely be paint everywhere. Leave it in a place where when at the end of the day if there is a penny or two in their pockets, all they have to do is empty it in their new little bank.

Not only is making a children’s bank fun to do, it teaches children a valuable lesson, and a habit that will definately help them later in life, like saving up for college.  It will also teach them not to let money burn a hole through their pocket and they don’t spend money everytime that they acquire it.