A Lesson Learned-Children’s Banks

Children’s Banks commonly referred to ”Piggy Banks“  are a great way to teach kids the value of money. It also teaches good saving habits that will benefit them later in life. The small change that kids earn from doing small chores or jobs around the house, will add up to a surprising big amount, well at least for that toy they have been saving up for.

Giving children a creative little bank that can be bought from anywhere of even made from that pickle jar, can really make the saving fun. Just this last year, I gave my little brother a paint-it-yourself bank, and after he painted it, he began to accummulate enough change to and buy that new little toy or candy bar that he wanted when he was in the store and he loves watching his little bank  fill up. He is learning a skill that will not only benefit him now, but later in life.

Now, there are even little children’s banks in the store that count the money as it is dropped through the slot. It’s really exciting to children to watch that number that they have saved grow bigger and bigger, as well as a great gift to give younger children to teach a valuable lesson. There are all kinds of various fun children’s banks available just about everywhere, especially craft stores.

Many kids and even preteens don’t quite understand the value of money. They ask their parents constantly for money to buy new toys or to go places with their friends or to go on trips. A children’s bank is a great way to teach them that money certainly does not magically grow on trees in the backyard, it actually takes some effort to earn money and to save it up for that rainy day.